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The “About” page is a great way to inform you visitors about what you do or to give information about your company.  This is a “get to know you page”.  From our experience and research on our personal blogs, this page is one of the most important and most trafficked pages on our sites.  It is not because of us doing some fancy search engine optimization either.  It is because people are naturally curious to learn more about you.

So let your creativity shine creative here.  People in this age have short attention spans, meaning you only have a short amount of time to make a great first impression.  Bold things that you want to stand out like: In 2010, I was featured in an interview in Health and Fitness magazine.  Think about all the things that give you credibility or that will impress people.

Some ideas for “About” pages for companies:

  • A company bio
  • Your mission statement
  • Your company history
  • Pictures and bios of your team
  • Pictures of your office or logo
  • Videos made about your company
  • Links to other important pages like your “Contact” page

Some ideas for “About” pages for personal:

  • A professional bio
  • Purpose of the website
  • What makes you different
  • Pictures with influential people
  • Videos that show your credibility
  • Where they should start reading first
  • Links to other important pages like your “Contact” page

The best advice we can give you about your “About” page is to be creative and be use.  Have fun with it.  This is your spot to show off to people who do not know you.  It will be a work in progress.  Add a little to start then publish it for the world to see.  Don’t worry about getting it perfect.  You can continually improve it over time.  We have formatted this page so you can easily replace the text and picture to fit your needs.  If you have additional questions about creating your “About” page, check out Quick start Guide inside our membership site.

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